Class Schedules

Our Martial Arts School prides itself on a variety of courses, geared towards every age, background and previous education. Take a look at the programs offered at Croft Taekwondo, and schedule your free trial lesson today!


Little Dragons

Basic Introduction to Taekwondo

For kids ages 3-5


Beginner Class

Taekwondo Class for all ages
White Belt - Yellow Belt

In this class, students new to Taekwondo will learn basic Korean commands, basic kicks, and introduced to blocks and form techniques.


Intermediate Class

Taekwondo Class for all ages
Green Tip Belt - Blue Belt

Students will learn more advanced techniques and continue to improve on techniques learned in beginner class.


Advanced Class

Taekwondo Class for all ages

Red Tip Belt - Black Belt

Students will learn the rest of their kicks and techniques leading up to blackbelt and continue to perfect them.


Sparring Class

Olympic Style Taekwondo Sparring

All belts and ages enrolled in TKD

Students will put on full protective gear and face other students to practice techniques in a controlled sparring environment.

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Haidong Gumdo

Korean Sword Art

For all Belts and Ages


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